QUIBI: What You’ll Get on the New Streaming Service

The new streaming service QUIBI launches on Monday, March 6. It will feature all original, short-form celebrity content like “movies in chapters.” Each one is 10 minutes or less. A subscription costs $4.99 a month. Shows include.......

> Chrissy’s Court: Chrissy Teigen is a judge in actual small claims cases.

> Fierce Queens: A nature series hosted by Reese Witherspoon.

> Elba vs Block: Idris Elba and professional driver Ken Block compete in outrageous stunts to see who’s car is better.

> Thanks A Million: Stars like Kristen Bell, Nick Jonas and Jennifer Lopez give people $100,000 to pay it forward.

> Killing Zac Efron: He spends 21 days off the grid in New Guinea with only basic gear and a guide. He was hospitalized while filming this series!

(Image: Getty)

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