#GoodNews: Idaho Farmer Gives Away Potato Crop

The coronavirus has severely affected the potato supply chain, leaving one farm in Idaho with a surplus of spuds. Ryan Cranney, CEO of Cranney Farms, says the majority of his potatoes are typically sold to grocery stores and to restaurants, but because of stay-at-home orders, he’s got six months of crop left.

So he’s using his surplus to help others. The farm is giving away around two-million potatoes so they won’t go to waste. Cranney started posting about the free potatoes on Facebook, telling folks to come grab as many as they want, and now some people are driving hours to get them for themselves, as well as friends and family. And food banks and soup kitchens are showing up, too.

“The response has completely blown me away,” Cranney says. “It’s been fun for me to see people thinking of others and give their time and resources to take care of other people.”

Source: CNN

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