#GoodNews: "Mailman Kyle" Delivering More Than Just The Mail

A mail carrier in Ohio known as “Mailman Kyle” has been picking up essentials like milk and toilet paper for elderly people on his route. It started when one of his favorite seniors asked if he could please get him toilet paper and Kyle realized some people just can’t get out and do it themselves. So he sent folks on his route a letter letting them know that if they’re at risk and need help, he’s happy to do what he can. He gave his phone number out and says he’s surprised by the response.

“The turnout has been a lot more than I expected. I delivered a little under 400 of those notes and I’ve heard something from pretty much every person.”

Mailman Kyle doesn’t want anything in return, he’s happy to lend a hand to those who are afraid to go out and are counting on him.


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