#GoodNews: Hospital Nurse Reunites Mother and Son After 17 Years

Anthony lost touch with his mother Gail 17 years ago - and thanks to the determination of one nurse, they’ve since reconnected.

Susan Franco works at Chippenham Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. She met Gail when she was checked into Chippenham amid her battle with dementia.

She reportedly lived in a group home and had been in and out of the hospital, and staffers believed she had no family for them to contact regarding her condition.

However, after poring over Gail’s files, Susan managed to find contact information for one of Gail’s 4 children and made it her mission to track him down.

Anthony said he was grateful to find out she was alive. He has not been able to see Gail in person due to coronavirus restrictions, but he’s spoken to her on the phone and has been bringing items to her at the hospital. He and his family hope to visit her once restrictions are lifted.


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