#GoodNews: Dad’s YouTube Channel Helps Kids Without Dads

A man who knows what it’s like to grow up without a father is make a difference in the lives of kids who are in the same boat.

Rob Kenney wanted to fill the void when a kid needed to learn how to do something like change a car’s oil, use a stud-finder, iron a shirt or shave. So he started a YouTube channel called ‘Dad, How Do I?’, to teach kids the valuable lessons a father is meant to teach. Rob provides step-by-step instructions for things like jumpstarting a car or unclogging a sink. Each video that includes a (bad) dad joke like, “When is a good time to go to the dentist? 2:30.”

Launched only two months ago, his DIY channel already has more than two million subscribers.


(image: ryan seacrest)

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