#BuzzBits: New Female-led “Pirates” Movie, Bachelorette Changes, and More

> Margot Robbie just signed on to star in the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. This movie is completely separate from the original franchise. It will introduce entirely new characters, a new storyline, and a female-led cast.



> Mike Henry, the white actor who has voiced Cleveland on "Family Guy" for 20 years is stepping down from the role, saying “I love this character, but persons of color should play characters of color.”



> Troy Carter, the entertainment adviser for the Prince Estate, shared that Prince’s full catalog is now available on TikTok. He said, “it’s our hope that a new generation of global fans can find meaning in Prince’s music, and be inspired to create.”



> The Bachelorette is back in production. This season will be a little different – they won’t be traveling to exotic locations. The entire season will take place at the same location, and it’s not the mansion. The show is moving to a top secret location in Southern California.



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