#GoodNews: After Injury, Girl Walks at Her Graduation

Allie Gilkerson was in a motorcycle crash in West Virginia in August 2017 the night before the first day of her senior year of high school. Her injuries were so severe, doctors thought she was brain dead. But with support of family and friends, she didn’t give up and continued to make a slow and steady recovery.

Allie spent 7 months in the hospital getting treatment before going home. In June, a year and a half after the crash, she took her very first steps. With the help of an aide, she was able to stand up from her motorized wheelchair and made her way across the stage to get her diploma.

The crowd at Wayne High School cheered, whistled and applauded for Allie and her impressive accomplishment.

VIDEO - https://www.wsaz.com/video/2020/06/28/allie-gilkerson-graduates/


(Image: Getty)

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