Idaho Man takes 92 wet sponge hits to the face for Guinness record

Idaho native David Rush has broken over 150 Guinness world records in the last 5 years. He broke a record on America’s Got Talent a couple weeks ago for wearing and ripping (Hulk style) the most t-shirts. ( )

His latest record involved a lot of wet sponges. David’s friend Jonathan Hannon threw 106 wet sponges at David’s face in 1 minute. 96 of them made contact with David’s face to break the record, which previously stood at 76.

Here’s a list of David’s records

The most blueberries stuffed in the mouth

The most socks removed blindfolded in 1 minute

The most 180-degree juggling catches of a bottle in 1 minute

Fastest time to pop 3 balloons with no hands while blindfolded

Greatest distance travelled with a pool cue balanced on chin

Longest time to balance a hula hoop on the head while swimming


(Image: Getty)

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