#GoodNews: Fridges Filled with Free Food Are Popping up Around NYC

New York City is home to at least 15 refrigerators located outside apartment buildings and bodegas that are filled with food that’s free for the taking. The group In Our Hearts started the project to help feed anyone in need. The fridges are filled by community members who work to keep them stocked around the clock.

Selma and Sarah bought a fridge in May. Every day for the past six weeks, they’ve been stocking the fridge with eggs, potatoes and fresh produce.

Thadeaus originally grabbed a free fridge off Craigslist for a common area in his building, but was too bulky to get through the front door. “I plugged in the fridge outside my apartment and stuck a sign on that said ‘Free Food. Within a couple hours, the fridge was half empty. Made me realize the need was even greater than I imagined.”

180 volunteers spread out among 15 fridges are in constant communication with one another, coordinating large delivery distributions. The goal is to keep each fridge stocked around the clock.


(Image: Getty)

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