#GoodNews: Alaskans Use Headlights To Guide Medevac To Runway

When a child needed to be medevaced out of a tiny, remote village in Alaska, but the runway lights wouldn’t work, locals saved the day. They got out of bed and used the lights on their cars, trucks and four-wheelers to guide the LifeMed plane onto the runway. The plane landed, loaded the patient, then took off again, thanks to this community’s help.

It was after 11pm when Ida Nelson heard the LifeMed plane fly over the village. She said she knew something was wrong when she looked toward the runway and the lights were off. She hopped on her four-wheeler and sped the few hundred yards to the runway. Her neighbor jumped in to help too and they started calling everyone in the village. They all lined up with their lights shining on the runway so the pilot could see to land. Once the patient was on the plane, everybody stayed in their positions so the pilot could taxi down the runway and take off.”


(Image: Getty)

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