#GoodNews: Teen Creates Dolls For Kids With Physical Differences

Most little girls love dolls. When 17-year-old Ariella Pacheco was growing up, she had an American Girl doll that looked just like her. She realized though, that kids with physical differences don’t have the luxury of having a doll that looks like them. So she set out on a mission.

Inspired by a doll designer who makes custom-designed dolls for children with disabilities, Ariella decided that for her annual service project for her school’s National Honor Society chapter, she’d design and sew unique dolls for kids with rare medical conditions.

The dolls she designed feature a port-wine birthmark, another with surgical scars, one with jaw alignment issues, and one with facial and cranial anomalies.

“Each of these kids [is] so unique, so special… I hope through these dolls they can see themselves in a new light and really embrace their beauty.”


(Image: Getty)

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