#GoodNews: Police Officer Gives His Bike To Man Walking To Work 

When Georgia Officer Dennis Rowe learned that a citizen had his bike stolen and had to walk to and from work in the heat, he knew he had to do something more than take a police report.

Officer Rowe was working on Saturday when he spotted Craig Magby walking. “He was hot and sweaty. We got to talking and he was explaining to me that he normally rides his bike home from work, and it was recently stolen from him.“

Officer Rowe's mind flashed on his own bike purchased just a few months ago for a camping trip, now sitting in his driveway getting little use. “When I saw something that I had that I wasn't using, and there was somebody that desperately could use it every day, I knew that I had to make that happen for him.”

On Monday, Officer Rowe made a special delivery.


(Image: Getty)

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