#GoodNews: Ice Cream Shop Special Needs Employees Get Another Big Surprise

We previously told you about a small business owner in Dallas, who had to shut down because of the pandemic. Howdy Homemade is a beloved ice cream shop that not only has great ice cream, but all of the employees have special needs. The community came together and donated enough money to reopen the business. Now, owner Tom Landis has gotten another surprise.

Tom appeared on the “Today” show to talk about the sweet success of Howdy Homemade and he was treated to a special surprise. Marcus Limonis, host of CNBC’s “The Profit” gave him a $50-thousand grant to expand his business. He told Landis, “I spend my whole career, my whole life, helping businesses get to the next level and it’s clear to me that you guys are prepared to get to that next level.”

Tom says, “It’s humbling,” and he calls the grant “unbelievable.”


(Image: Getty)

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