Hiker's Story Gets Strange, Mask-Mandate in Utah, Southwest Filling Planes

> Missing Hiker Update: According to police, “The statements that the family is giving and the statements that the park is giving don’t add up.”

Holly Courtier's family says she stayed close to a river bed as a source of water while she was missing for 12 days. However, Sgt. Darrell Cashin of the Washington County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue says.....

“If she had been drinking that water she would’ve been very, very ill and probably unable to come out on her own. She either took a lot of water with her or had another clean water source near here, but the Virgin River is not that source.”

Her family also said she hit her head on a tree and became disoriented before collapsing. But the sergeant says there did not appear to be any significant injuries or head trauma when she was found.





> Masks are now required in public in 21 of Utah’s 29 counties until further notice. Those counties are listed under a "High Level of Transmission" level. Social gatherings are also limited to 10 people in those counties. 3 counties are in the "Moderate Level of Transmission.

5 counties are in the “Low” transmission level.




> Southwest is ready to fill planes again, with middle seats only staying blocked through Thanksgiving.

That means they'll be open for Christmas and New Year's travel. Passengers who already have tickets for December and beyond will be emailed tomorrow and given the option of a refund. Those who buy a seat after the policy begins will be alerted if the flight is full.

American and United have also stopped limiting ticket sales. Only Delta and Alaska Airlines are reducing capacity still, but Alaska Airlines ends that January 6th.