Las Vegas Man Throws Two-Year-Old Off Balcony, Sets Fire In Apartment

A Las Vegas man is facing murder charges for allegedly throwing his two-year-old daughter off a balcony during a domestic disturbance. Police said that Clarence Martin Jr., 32, got into an argument with the girl's mother and threw the infant off the balcony onto the asphalt below before setting a fire inside the apartment. 

The infant's mother rushed outside to check on her child as she called 911. The infant was rushed to the hospital, where she died from her injuries.

Martin fled the scene and was involved in a hit-and-run accident outside of the apartment complex. He then crashed his car a second time when he rolled over on the highway. He fled from the scene and abandoned his vehicle near McCarran International Airport, where he was taken into custody.

Martin was transported to the hospital for treatment from the injuries he received in the car crash. Authorities said he was also being evaluated for potential narcotics use. He was booked in absentia on charges of murder, arson, and animal cruelty. Police said that the family's dog died in the fire.

The fire caused significant damage to the apartment building and forced multiple people out of their homes due to smoke and water damage.

Photo: Getty Images