#GoodNews: Community Steps Up To Help Vet Renovate New Home

91-year-old Navy veteran Lawrence Hewitt was recently evicted from the home he was renting in Nampa, Idaho. His landlord wanted to sell the home and he needed a place to live. Luckily, his community stepped up and made it happen for him.

Realtor Michael Christianson was in charge of overseeing the eviction and he says after meeting Lawrence, he wanted to do whatever he could to help him out. He knocked on doors and worked his magic to find a home to buy, gave up his commission on the deal, and helped the vet secure a VA loan. But the house needed work, including new paint, carpet, a new front step and a roof.

Michael set up a GoFundMe and reached out to local businesses for help. They pitched in and donated or majorly discounted their services to get the home ready for Lawrence. Now he’s delighted with his new residence and he’s grateful for the love from his community.

“I really appreciate it and I’m happy as a bug in a rug. It made me feel real proud how people in Idaho go all out for veterans.”


(Image: Getty)

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