#GoodNews: 4th Grade Guide Runner Helps Blind 9th Grader Run Cross-Country 

Paul Scott is a freshman in West Fork Arkansas. Rebel Hays is in 4th grade. They’ve been running cross country together as a team - Paul is blind and Rebel is his guide runner. 

Rebel’s mom says he loves to run and help others, so when the high school was looking for volunteers, he jumped at the opportunity. 

Rebel is competing with high schoolers, so he says he has to practice every day to keep up.

"If I don't run this distance, it's like I'm cheating on Paul. I can't cheat on Paul so, I have to run this distance, or this time no matter what.”

Using a rope, Rebel leads Paul through the courses. They started the season running 2-mile races, but now they’re running 5ks.

"I'll admit it's pretty hard, but it's all for Paul. I have to do it for Paul.”


(Image: Getty)

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