National Unfriend Day: Here’s Who You Should Cut From Your List

It’s National Unfriend Day. Not sure who you should “unfriend” on Facebook? Jimmy Kimmel created a points system to determine who you should cut. If they score 50 points or higher, unfriend them.

*Change profile picture more than once a month - 5 points

*Took their picture in bathroom mirror - 5 points

*Posted more than 3 photos of food - 5 points each

*Posted 'OMG My friends are the best' - 5 points

*For every picture of a pet - 8 points

*Used 'yum' in a status update - 10 points

*Picture of a sunset - 15 points

*Posted a picture of you in Jr High and tagged you - 20 points

*Posted opinion on gay marriage, whatever it is - 30 points

*Invited you to see their band more times then they've talked to you - 30 points

*Used the phrase 'amazeballs' - 40 points

(Image: Getty)

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