#GoodNews: Strangers Help Woman Living In Her Car

Ruth Ann Van Heel left her job to care for her ailing parents, and after they died, she had no home and no income. All she had was her car, a cellphone paid for by a friend, and the cats.

She couldn’t find a shelter that would accept her and the cats, and she couldn’t bear to give them up. “I’ve had them for three years and I ran out of money – like so many people have with COVID. I couldn’t get a place to stay, and I couldn’t get a shelter.”

Ruth had been living in her car in parking lots with the cats for more than 2 months. Employees of a nearby business brought Ruth Ann and the cats food and blankets. On employee, Katie, posted a picture of the cats on the Facebook page of an animal shelter. Within hours, people were reaching out to help.

The cats are now in a foster home, and Ruth Ann was able to get into a shelter.


(Image: Getty)

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