#GoodNews: A Reuniting 13 Years After Act Of Kindness Left Lifelong Impact

13 years ago, when Hailey Allen was just 16, her mother and brother unexpectedly passed away. The responsibility of making arrangements for the funeral fell completely on Hailey's shoulders. While shopping at her local mall for outfits for her mom, an employee, Melissa Mullins, overheard her crying in the dressing room.

"Every little piece of clothing I would look at I would lose it. The only person that was working in there at the time heard me crying and asked my friend what was wrong. My friend said my mom and brother had just died and I was worried I wouldn't have enough money for something nice. When I came out (Melissa) said ‘don't worry about anything, get whatever you need.' No one had ever done anything like that for me before."

Years later while snapping pictures for her photography business, Hailey gave away a couple of free photo shoots to some girls and one of the girl's grandma was there. Turns out, the grandma was Melissa.

Since the two have reconnected, they meet for breakfast every two weeks. 


(image: Getty)

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