#GoodNews: Police Officer Adopts Little Girl He Met On Duty

In March 2018, Arizona police officer Brian Zach was called to a residence on a child abuse situation. That’s where he met 4-year-old Kaila. The two bonded immediately.

“We colored, we snacked ... she held my hand and she was just this cute little thing. Once detectives came, they picked her up and took her to the hospital."

When child protective services couldn't find a place for her right away, Brian told his wife he wanted Kaila to live with them.

“We lived each week not knowing if she was going to go back to her biological parents, or how long we were going to keep her. Our goal was to love and care for this little girl for as long as it happened."

After living with the family for about 2.5 years, Brian and his wife decided to adopt Kaila. On August 18, 2020 it became official.


(image: Getty)

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