#GoodNews: Utah Man's Change Jar Inspires $55k From Others

Salt Lake Tribune columnist Andy Larsen had collected $165 in a coin jar. He asked Twitter where he should donate the money, and got a huge surprise in return.

He Tweeted: “So I had a big jar of coins hanging around. I went to the bank today & had them counted. $165.84. Rather than keep it, I want to give that out to a few people who could use the help for their household's Thanksgiving dinner or for Christmas presents.”

People started asking if they could get in on the good deed. Hundreds chipped in and turned his $165 into $55,000!

About 160 Utahns were gifted between $100-$1,500 based on their needs.

“To be able to say, ‘Hey, how many kids do you have that we can help out with Christmas?’ or ‘What is your power bill like?’ or ‘How close are you to eviction and how can we prevent that?' We did save people from eviction. We gave people the ability to have hot showers again.”

You can read the full story on how Larsen distributed the money here >>


(Image: Getty)

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