#GoodNews: Cashier Walks 6 Miles to Work, Gets A New Car From Lyft Driver 

Ed Hays, a 28-year old man from Louisiana,typically walks to his job as a graveyard shift cashier at a gas station - 11-miles round trip - but one day in November, it was raining, so he called for a ride and Lyft driver David Danielspicked him up. 

“On rainy days, people are normally in a foul mood. [Hays] came in [my car] ... he was so excited. I asked, 'How's your night going?' He said, 'It couldn't be better. I just found out I got promoted at my job to lead cashier.'"

During the trip, David was inspired by Ed’s positive attitude and strong work ethic, so he posted a video on TikTok about it.

Within hours, his video had more than 100-thousand views and David launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a car for Ed. It brought in over $7,500 in donations. David helped get Ed his own set of wheels - a 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis - plus, 6 months of car insurance and a $500 gift card for gas.


(Image: Getty)

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