#GoodNews: Kindness Chain Saves 3 Families From Eviction

(Tucson, AZ) Nora Briggs reached out to the Salvation Army to see how she could help a family facing difficult times.

"I said I want to keep a family in their house.”

She paid several months' rent for a single parent with four children. She went even further and bought Christmas presents for the family too.

"It just gave me so much joy and excitement about Christmas since I can't be with my family in Virginia," she said. "It was just fantastic to have this happen."

Her neighbors, Patricia Waddell and Lynn Foshee, felt inspired by her kindness. The two women followed suit and paid the rent of another single parent also facing eviction.

"When we heard Nora's story and felt her joy really about giving, it was very exciting to us," Waddell said.

The acts of kindness don't stop there. A friend of Nora’s in Texas contacted her Salvation Army and paid the rent of someone in her community!


(Image: Getty)

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