#GoodNews: Woman Saves Man’s Life Through Volunteer Program 

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, so did the Pandemic of Love - a volunteer organization that connects people in need with people who can help. The project started in South Florida and quickly spread around the world. So far the organization has paired nearly 1 million volunteers and families in need.

One pairing ended up saving a man’s life.

Volunteer Beth was paired up with a man named Sean. She sent him a package of food and some money. Sean was diagnosed with throat cancer and needed to get some tests done, but had been putting off his doctor appointments. Thanks to the money from Beth he was able to schedule one. 

“When I say she saved my life, I don't take that figuratively, I mean she literally did," he said.

The two have become friends and text each other every day. 

“Everyone has bad things to say about the pandemic. It's not a good thing. But I gained one of the best gifts of my life in her friendship.”


(Image: Getty)

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