#GoodNews: High School Sweethearts Reunite & Marry After 70 Years Apart

Fred and Florence met and fell in love as teenagers. Every night during the two years they were together, Fred would flicker his porch light before going to bed. It was his way of telling Florence, who lived across the bay, good night and that he loved her.

When Fred turned 18, he moved to Toronto for work. A year later, when he came back, Florence had moved to another town. They both married other people and started families.

Florence lost her husband of 57 years in 2017, and Fred lost his wife of 60 years in 2019. It was the shared grief over losing their spouses that brought them back together. They first reunited over the phone. They went from talking once a week, to twice, to three times, to every day for hours. They got married on August 8th.

During the ceremony, Florence told Fred, “You were the first young man to walk me home in my teens. I guess you'll be the last man to walk me home."


(Image: Getty)

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