#GoodNews: Jogger Jumps Into Frozen Lake To Rescue A Family’s Dog

A runner jumped into a frozen lake to save a drowning dog, and it was all caught on video.

Paula Town posted footage of the rescue online, saying: "What a hero, this complete stranger rescued this family's dog when it got into trouble in Pontefract Park."

Paula said, “When we got to the lake, I could see a dog in the water, it was trying to get onto the ice but kept falling back in. I felt panic-stricken and scoured the side of the lake for a life buoy but couldn't find one."

Darcy Pell, 31, was out for a run with a friend when he spotted the commotion. As an experienced cold water swimmer, he didn't hesistate to enter the freezing water and help the stranded dog swim back to shore.

Darcy wrote on Facebook. "Luckily [I] swim in cold/icey water as a hobby and know the risks it can cause. Carried on my run after so no big deal. Obviously wouldn't recommend people doing the same. Just glad the dog was happy to carry on its walk after."


(Image: Getty)

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