#GoodNews: Amazon Driver Rescues Hijacked Baby

Juan Carlos Flores, an Amazon driver who was working in North Houston on the morning of January 18, said he spotted a car seat on the curb while delivering a package. He thought someone had just left the car seat on the curb, but after 10 minutes of delivering packages, nobody had come to pick it up. That’s when Juan discovered there was a baby in the car seat!

Juan went to a nearby house and called the police. When officers arrived, they told him a woman had reported her car stolen with her five-month-old son inside. She had left her car running while she ran to make sure the door to her apartment was locked and that’s when she was carjacked.

Luckily, the baby boy was unharmed and reunited with the mother.

Juan says, “I feel lucky” to have found the abandoned infant and now police are sharing security camera footage in hopes of finding the suspect.


(Image: Getty)

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