#GoodNews: Woman Changes Her Lifestyle To Save Best Friend’s Life

Carol Patrylo and Cindy Mueller had an instant connection when they met working in the Lindbergh School District in Missouri and they’ve been best friends ever since. 

When Carol’s 19-year-old son was killed by a drunk driver, Cindy had her back and helped her get through it. “I watched this woman lose her will to live," Cindy said. "There were times that I would go to her house and get her dressed and drive her to work, just so I knew she wouldn't lay in her bed all day."

Then, when Carol found out she was in stage 5 kidney failure and was put on dialysis, Cindy was there for her again. When doctors told Carol her best option was a kidney transplant, Cindy got tested and was a perfect match! However, Cindy was overweight and pre-diabetic, so she couldn’t donate her kidney. With diet and exercise, Cindy lost 54-pounds and last month, donated her kidney to her bestie.

She calls it a win-win. “So in giving her the gift of life,” Cindy says, “I was also able to get myself the gift of a healthy lifestyle.”


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