#GoodNews: Community Restores House so 94-Year-old WWII Vet Can Go Home

Alfred Guerra proudly serving his country in World War II. Now, his community is stepping up to proudly serve the war hero.

His old house was in need of repairs. His family tried to keep up with the maintenance, but it became uninhabitable after his son, who had torn out most of the interior during the remodel, suddenly passed away from cancer.

Alfred has been living with his daughter, Maria, who reached out to the community for help. A handful of non-profit groups stepped up. Veteran volunteers arrived at the home in January and worked on the interior. A new roof was donated by the SRS Raise the Roof Foundation, and the electrical and plumbing systems are on their way to being updated.

It may take another month or so to complete the project but Alfred is excited to move back into his home.

VIDEO >> Work underway to restore home of a 94-year-old war hero


(Image: Getty)

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