#GoodNews: 10-year-old Clears Snow Off Cars For Hospital Workers 

As the snow came down earlier this week, a 10-year-old boy in Rhode Island was out in it to help essential workers get home safely.

Christian Stone wanted to thank nurses and frontline workers battling COVID, so he decided to clear snow off their cars. With the help of a friend, they braved the bitter cold to clean off about 80 cars in the parking lot.

They were at it in the middle of the winter storm and Christian says the nurses and other workers who came out and saw their efforts were really grateful. Some even offered to pay them, but they declined and said they were doing it to pay forward everything they do.

“All day, every day the nurses here, and they want to get home from work, so we thought we would make it a tiny bit easier for them by cleaning off their cars....that's a really good feeling, when you know someone has been helped out.”


(Image: Getty)

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