#GoodNews: Teacher Donates Kidney To Student

A five-year-old Missouri girl has just received a new kidney that she’s needed since birth, thanks to her pre-kindergarten teacher. Kayleigh Kulage was born a tiny preemie at 26 weeks, weighing just 15.2-ounces. She spent 158 days in the NICU and proved she’s a fighter.

Kayleigh has been on dialysis and hasn’t been able to do simple things like take a regular bath or go swimming because of her condition. But that’s all about to change because of her teacher, Robin Mach. She volunteered to be Kayleigh’s kidney donor and she says the reason is simple.

“She needed it. I wanted her to have a normal life and go to school. And this is how we can help her get there.”


(image: Getty)

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