#GoodNews: College Rivalry Brings BIG Tips For Restaurant Workers

This is a story about a different kind of college rivalry. In January, fans of two Ohio colleges started a “Crosstown tip-off” competition, giving out large tips at restaurants. The challenge is named after the annual "Crosstown Shootout" between two Ohio schools’ basketball teams. 

First, an Xavier College alum left a $1,000 tip on a $54 bill at Zip’s Café with a note that read “Go, Xavier!”

The following week, two University of Cincinnati fans left a $1,001 tip at nearby Keystone Bar & Grill with a note saying “Bearcats up by 1!!”

The competition has now reached Florida with two diners at Kirby’s Sports Grille. One left a $1,300 tip on a $29.75 bill, with a note on the check reading, “Let’s go XU (and UC) nation! Let’s get this to the national level.”

Then less than an hour later, another customer tipped the same server $1,500! The server was moved to tears by the generosity and split the $2.800 with her coworkers.


(Image: Getty)

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