#GoodNews: Co-workers Discover They’re Actually Sisters

Julia Tinetti (31) and Cassandra Madison (32) met in 2013 while working at the Russian Lady Bar in New Haven, Connecticut. They quickly became friends after learning they were both born and adopted from the Dominican Republic. People often said they looked like sisters, but when they compared adoption papers, the documents didn't match up.

"Papers said we were from two different cities [with] different last names. And, our mothers' names on our paperwork were different," Julia said.

In 2015, Cassandra moved from Connecticut to Virginia, and she and Julia stayed friends on Facebook. In 2018, her adopted mother gave her a 23andMe DNA genetic testing kit for Christmas. The test revealed that she did have some relatives that she had never met.

Cassandra finally asked her biological father about giving up another child. He admitted he gave up a little girl.

Thanks to DNA tests, Julia and Cassandra found out last month they are in fact sisters.


(Image: Getty)

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