#GoodNews: NHL Star’s Mom Donates Kidney to Ice Arena Manager

When Bonnie O’Reilly’s sons were growing up, Graham Nesbitt was a local legend in Ontario, Canada. He was the manager of an ice arena and would open early or stay open after regular hours to give kids more time to skate. 

Both of Bonnie’s sons went on to play in the NHL. Ryan is now captain of the St. Louis Blues and won the Stanley Cup with the team in 2019

When she found out Graham was in need of a kidney transplant, Bonnie stepped up to become his donor, as did many others. Bonnie was a match and after a successful surgery last week, both are recovering well.

Bonnie says she’s grateful for the extra time on the ice that Graham gave her kids growing up. She said “What you've done for my boys, helping them achieve their goal of playing professional hockey, it's the least we can do.” 


(Image: Getty)

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