How to Help In The Fight Against Domestic Violence

March 7th - 13th is “No More” Week, and local nonprofit organization Fight Against Domestic Violence is on a mission to de-stigmatize having conversations around Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence.

Fight Against Domestic Violence is here to contribute to the conversation and raise awareness in Utah by working with domestic violence service providers from Logan to St. George. Their two main programs - Housing First and Crisis Cash work to bridge the gaps left by government grants that have restrictions for use.

With partner, corporate, and individual support from donations, FADV provided safe housing for 180 Utahns in 2020 (62 survivors, 118 dependants) and granted $56,000 in unrestricted funds to service providers.

Currently there isn’t one central, national program that raises and distributes funding to keep service providers going.

Mission: Generate resources for domestic violence service providers through corporate, individual, and community partnerships.


> Housing First: FADV provides flexible housing assistance to domestic violence victims through rental assistance, utility assistance, security deposits, lease-agreement relief, and any other housing related hardship that restricts access to safe housing. Financial flexibility is a key component of the Housing First program.

> Crisis Cash: FADV works to fill funding gaps by distributing unrestricted "Crisis Cash" grants to service providers and by facilitating other donations and resources to support survivors. We raise money through individual donors, corporate sponsors, and through awareness and fundraising campaigns.

How To Help:

Venmo: @fadvorg

Amazon Smile: - search “Fight Against Domestic Violence”


Instagram: @fadv_fightviolence


(Image: Fight Against Domestic Violence)

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