#GoodNews: Homeless Teacher Gets Help From Student Who Recognized Him

Every morning, when Steven Nava went to work, he’d see someone sleeping in their car in a parking lot. Then one day he realized the man was his former substitute high school teacher, José Villaruel, also known as Mr. V. José stopped working once the schools went to virtual sessions last year, and has since become homeless.

“I spoke to Mr. V, and he told me that the only source of income was a monthly Social Security check, and that most of that money was sent to his wife who is very ill in Mexico."

After getting Mr. V set up in a hotel, Steven asked his community for help, and also started a GoFundMe that has raised $27,000 so far.

Steven gathered some former students to celebrate with their former teacher and present him with a check. “I want him to feel that he’s cared and loved by all those who he’s helped along the years.”


(Image: Getty)

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