#GoodNews: Couple Adopts 7 Siblings Who Lost Parents In A Car Accident

Pam and Gary have been fostering kids for years, but they had never discussed adoption.

Until Pam saw a story on Facebook about 7 siblings in need of a permanent home. They had been in foster care for a year since their parents had been killed in a car accident.

So, she tagged her husband in the post. She thought about them all day.

"That evening I asked my husband if he'd seen the post," Pam recalled. "'Yes', he said. 'We should adopt them'. My heart stopped. 'We should', I said."

“Who would keep them all together? Who would have the space for them? Who would have the time, and the love, and the patience for their trauma? The answer was clear... we would.

They've given us a second chance at parenting, we've given them a second Mom and Dad. They are our Second Chance 7."


(Image: Getty)

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