#GoodNews: Woman Finds Living Kidney Donor Though TikTok

TikTok is known for dance videos and recipes, but it turns out the social media platform can help with life-saving matters as well. Sammi Rivera had stage 4 chronic kidney disease and was on dialysis three times a week and needed a kidney transplant.

The Portland, Oregon, woman turned to TikTok to try to find a donor. And it worked! A woman in Gulf Shores, Alabama, saw a video of Sammi dancing around dressed as a unicorn with a rainbow tutu in her plea to find a donor and she decided to get tested as a match.

Sparkie Harrison says she randomly saw the video on TikTok days after downloading it for the first time. And it turns out, she actually knew of Sammi through a mutual friend on Facebook years ago, but they had never met. After the testing process, the women had a successful kidney transplant last month and both are recovering and hope to meet in person for the first time this summer.


(image: Getty)

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