#GoodNews: Husband & Wife Save Life of Same Man 16 Years Apart

A widow and her late husband have saved the same man’s life with organ donations 16 years apart.

Terri Herrington lost her husband Bryan in a tragic work related accident in 2004 and he was an organ donor, so five of his organs were used in life-saving operations. To honor her husband, she became a living organ donor and got the chance to donate to one of the people Bryan saved.

Jeffrey Granger received both Bryan’s pancreas and kidney in a lifesaving double organ transplant. And when the Pensacola, Florida, woman had a chance to donate to help Granger, she took it. Herrington was a match and he received one of her kidneys and his quality of life has since improved.

Terri said her kidney being right beside her late husband’s makes her feel closer to him.


(Image: Getty)

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