#GoodNews: Stranger Donates New Home To Family That Lost Theirs In A Storm

A Texas family’s home was destroyed by storms last week, but a kind stranger gave them a new place to live.

Wendi Holden and her five family members and three pets were all inside their mobile home when strong winds flipped it multiple times. When the home came to a stop they crawled out of a window to escape and rushed for cover as hail fell. The house is now resting on its roof and an entire side of the home is ripped away.

They all managed to survive, but their home did not.

Wendi Holden is overwhelmed by the gestures big and small from people she doesn't know. She said a woman reached out to her and donated $1,000 to help the family.

Then on Monday, a brand-new mobile home, donated anonymously to the family, showed up to replace their destroyed home.


(Image: Getty)

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