#GoodNews: Wrongfully Convicted Man Opens Barber School With Prison Guard

Juan Rivera got his barber license with the help of prison guard Bobby Mattison while serving time for a crime he didn't commit. Now they have opened Legacy Barber College in Rogers Park, Illinois.

While in prison, Juan worked to clear his name and Bobby helped him get his barber's license. They talked about opening a barber school together.

In 2012, Rivera's conviction was overturned. He received a $20 million settlement for the wrongful conviction.

Opening a barber school, says Juan, is one of the best ways he can give back. Legacy Barber College seeks to give people caught up in the justice system and others a path toward a successful career and life.

"This started, believe it or not, in prison. I saw a need. We want to help the less fortunate. Because once they get out, they usually have nothing to fall back on."


(Image: Getty)

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