#GoodNews: Woman Finds & Meets Birth Mom Just In Time For Mother’s Day

Margi Bre says she searched for her biological family for decades, but it was especially difficult to find them because she was born in Vietnam and never knew her real name or even her birthday.

But that all changed when Bre’s adoptive parents gave her a 23andMe DNA test for a Christmas gift. Her profile matched her with a half-sister and half-brother. And that led her to her birth mother, Van Graham, who gave birth to Bre during the Vietnam War. The 79-year-old says it broke her heart to place her daughter for adoption, but it was a dangerous time in Vietnam and she wanted a good life for Bre.

The family finally got to meet face-to-face the day before Mother’s Day in Sacramento, California. It was an emotional reunion for all of them and both Bre and her mom say it was the best Mother’s Day yet because they could celebrate it together.

“I think it’s important to believe in the impossible,” Bre says. “I prayed for 48 year, every day that I would find her. And that prayer went 48 years unanswered and then it happened.”


(Image: Getty)

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