#GoodNews: A New Home For The Wiggins Family

When Alvero Wiggins was diagnosed with kidney failure it created a domino effect. The rigors of treatment meant spending nine hours a day on dialysis. That meant giving up work. Unable to earn a living, Alvero and his wife and four children were forced to move into public housing.

Sarah MacLaren had worked alongside Alvero for years at one of his 2 non-profit organizations that he runs. She started a fundraiser to help get his family back into a permanent home. Though donations came in by the thousands, it wasn’t nearly enough to make a dent in Halifax’s red-hot housing market.

Enter real estate agent Brenda MacKenzie. She heads a local housing initiative, A Home For Everyone. For the past 15 years, she and her peers have donated a portion of their commissions to various housing-related charities.

Brenda is also on dialysis awaiting a kidney donor, so Alvero’s story struck a special chord. Along with her charitable board, the decision was made that this year’s earnings would go toward helping Alvero. 


(Image: Getty)

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