#GoodNews: Judge Gives Drug Dealer A 2nd Chance, Now He's a Lawyer

The first time Edward Martell stood in Judge Bruce Morrow's Michigan courtroom he was facing a 20-year sentence. This month, he returned to the same courtroom to be sworn in as a member of the Michigan State Bar.

It was 2005 and Edward had been out on bail when he was arrested in a drug sting. After pleading guilty he could have spent the next 20 years in prison. Instead, Judge Morrow gave him three years probation and a challenge to return to court next time with an achievement.

Edward went to college and then law school. He passed the exams, and On May 14th he returned to Judge Morrow’s courtroom. This time, he raised his right hand to be sworn in as a member of the Michigan Bar. 


(Image: Getty)

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