#GoodNews: Postal Worker Pays For Extra Postage For Wedding Invitations

A postal worker in Alaska went above and beyond and saved a couple’s wedding with his good deed. Bride-to-be Crystle Lewis and her fiancé mailed out their wedding invitations last month and started wondering why they weren’t getting any RSVPs. It turns out, the envelopes needed extra postage because they had a wax seal on them, so the post office put them in their P.O. Box with a note explaining the shortage.

That’s where they sat for weeks because the couple hadn’t checked their P.O. Box. And that’s when postal worker Edward “Lee” Mayton noticed the stack of wedding invitations in the box, saw they were dated two weeks earlier and thought they needed to go out. So he paid for the extra postage to get them in the mail and with help from his coworkers, the invitations were sent out that night.

“That’s just what we do, not just because we’re supposed to do it, I mean, this is Wasilla,” Mayton says. “We take care of each other out here.” When the bride-to-be heard what he’d done for them, she got choked up by the act of kindness. The couple tried to repay Mayton for the postage, but he refused and said he was happy to do it.


(Image: Getty)

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