#GoodNews: High School Track Team Saves Life Of Teammate After Fall

A Michigan teen collapsed during track team practice and his teammates worked together to help save his life. Greydon Fischer doesn’t really remember the events of the day, but his teammates do. The high school sophomore fell while running and his fellow student-athletes immediately saw what happened and called for help.

Greydon’s coach, Kurt Anderson, says it looked like Greydon was having some kind of seizure and that his body was tense. He was breathing, but not steadily, and the team and coaches rushed to help. Someone ran to get the AED, someone else called 911 and Coach Anderson started chest compressions. Deputy Sheriff Mike Mansell with the Iron County Sheriff’s office arrived and did two rounds of CPR before the ambulance arrived and Greydon’s heartbeat was back at that point.

Doctors are still trying to figure out the exact cause of what happened, but they believe it’s a cardiac issue. Shawn Fischer, Greydon’s dad, says doctors told them there was only a 10% survival rate for when that happens outside a hospital, so this teen was very lucky. Thanks to a combo of quick thinking and adrenaline, this track team became a life-saving team and Greydon is doing well today.

Source: WOOD-TV

(Image: Getty)

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