#GoodNews: Teenager Buys Repossessed Storage Units, Returns Items To Owners

What started out as a way to make some cash for a Rhode Island teen has turned into a way to reunite people with their personal belongings.

Shane Jones began buying the contents of repossessed storage units after people didn’t make their payments, but after seeing people’s mementos and personal belongings, he felt like he needed to return the stuff to the owners.

Shane bought his first unit for $100. He said he felt sad as he sifted through the household goods, stuffed animals, personal mementos, and other documents.

"I realized then that this wasn't the same as getting stuff at a yard sale. This guy was in prison, and his storage unit was auctioned off because he couldn't afford to pay for it. This was probably everything he had left."

Wanting to do something, Shane turned to his parents, who offered to help him find the original owner's mother. They eventually located the her and took a trip to return the storage unit's contents. Shane says she was thrilled to be reunited with her son's belongings.

Since then, Shane has purchased more storage units and reunited their original owners with their belongings.


(Image: Getty)

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