#GoodNews: Publix Manager Takes Customer Service To A New Level 

When an elderly customer started to feel lightheaded at a Publix grocery store in Alabama, manager David Meddick and his team jumped into action.

“Miss Sharon was out shopping for the first time in months because of the pandemic, making her rounds in the department talking to everybody and she got up front and became very weak and lightheaded. My team responded to Miss Sharon and by the time I got to her there was a pharmacy associate, a cashier, a front service clerk, and a customer service manager at her side.”

After determining that it was not a medical emergency, they asked her what she wanted to do next.

“She said ‘I just want get my stuff and go home,’ and I said ‘lets go,’” David said. 

“We got her stuff together, checked her out, and then I drove her home and one of my front service clerks followed us. We got her groceries inside and everything and made sure she was ok and then we came back to work.”

Their kindness and concern didn’t end there, store employees later helped set miss Sharon up with an Instart account so she can have her groceries delivered if she doesn’t feel like getting out,  and David checks on her regularly. 

Where Shopping is a Pleasure: Publix manager’s act of kindness takes customer service to a new level

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