#GoodNews: 5-year-old Inspires Trash Cleanup Event

An Alabama boy found a surprising new hobby during the pandemic and he’s now inspiring others to do it with him. Oliver Caver started picking up trash in his Fort Morgan community and had so much fun doing it, his family just held a Litter Rodeo to encourage others to reduce, reuse and recycle.

The event had participants clean up garbage at the Fort Morgan State Historic Site and awarded more than $3500 in prizes. Groups armed with trash bags had an hour to clean up as much litter as they could and those with the heaviest bags won. In the end, the rodeo rounded up more than 576 pounds of trash in just an hour.

“I think it’s real good because all of this trash needs to be cleaned up,” the five-year-old says. “All of it.”


(Image: Getty)

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